Family Values

Family Values | Shanna, Travis, And Jameson

The holidays are upon us! Of course, we’ve been reminded of Christmas since before Halloween, and we know that New Year’s Resolutions are around the corner. It’s a time to remind and be reminded of what’s important in life, and this episode of The Soul Frequency Podcast is all about family values.

And boy, as you probably already know, those values can be wildly different from family to family!


In this shorter episode, Travis (my hubby) and Jameson (my son) join me on The Soul Frequency to talk about our values—it’s a candid look at what we find important as a group collective and as individuals. Get to know me and my family a little bit better—hit that play button to listen to this week’s episode. Happy holidays!

In This Podcast Episode…

  • How we spend time growing together as a family
  • Ways we resolve different opinions
  • How we show love to each other through tensions
  • A super special project that Jameson has in the works!


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shanna, travis, jameson on family values


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