You deserve to experience great peace, joy and abundance.

It’s your birthright.

But, sometimes there are tough emotions, painful experiences and big decisions to make.

And you want to make the best choices for your future.

So, how do you offload the heavy stuff, find the best path and rise?

First off, let’s get something straight.  You are divine light.  The core of you is whole and complete.

And any struggles you may feel are only real right now, they don’t have to be real forever.

You have everything you need to be all of who you came here to be.

And yet, life can pull us away from living this truth authentically each and every day.

It’s okay if you have felt stuck at times, afraid at others,

or completely unsure of your greatest purpose.

You don’t have to feel like this anymore.

I am Shanna Lee, intuive healer, manifestation coach and business catalyst. I am here to help you shift your energy and set yourself free.

You will be free to experience…

  • More joy
  • More peace
  • More success
  • More love
  • More connection
  • More purpose
  • More of your truth

So you can stand in your power and create the life that feels amazing to YOU.

Shanna Frequency Alchemist

Not the life that someone else wants you to have, not your parent’s idea of success, not what looks perfect on the outside, but feels terrible on the inside…

I am here to help you find YOUR TRUTH no matter how far buried it is and to help you start to emit your own frequency into the world by taking small practical steps.  Not big scary ones, but the small steps that make all of the difference.

I wrote a book called, The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy Awakened and Authentic Life and in that book I share how I freed myself and how you can too.

This life coaching book follows a four-step process called the Anatomy of Transformation, which is very powerful when you fully embody it and apply it to your life.

It is a multi-dimensional process that comes to life as I upgrade your frequencies to attract the things that you identify as important and valuable into your life.

This process along with a little love and support

will move you closer to your dreams

and it may happen fast.

The Soul Frequency Experience is a sacred circle and intuitive program experience where people come together to raise their vibrational frequency and expand each member’s individual potential through the collective.


Those drawn to the Sacred Circle will:

  • Magnify their purpose
  • Gain support
  • Feel heard and seen
  • Understand more about the inner workings of energy frequency
  • Explore what is possible at higher frequencies
  • Manifest a dream or intention
  • Want to transmute blocks and limitations
  • Feel passionate about creating something new in their lives
  • Want to understand how to work with their own energetics


  • We will meet ONCE A WEEK for 5 weeks via Zoom video.
  • We will all be face-to-face and create a powerful connection to amplify each person’s life.
  • Each weekly session will be 2 HOURS in length to give us time to do the deep work together.
  • Each call will build upon another and you will get immediate wins during these five weeks.
  • Along with doing the work we will be enjoying, laughing and sharing.
  • You won’t want to miss a live call, but if life happens, calls will be recorded.


Week 1

Energy Frequency

  • How it works
  • Why it works
  • Finding your Soul Frequency
  • The elements of your frequency
  • Raising your energy frequency to lose weight, heal emotional trauma, create healthy relationships, manifest more money, release fear and doubt
  • Spotlight Intuitive Frequency Coaching

Week 2


  • Getting present to your truths
  • Discover your hidden truths
  • Why truth is important
  • Creating your future foundation
  • Energy practices
  • Mantras and Intentions
  • Steps to raise your frequency
  • Spotlight Intuitive Frequency Coaching

Week 3


  • How to release in small stages
  • The energetics of release
  • Releasing old energetic ties
  • Transmuting the fear of releasing
  • Identifying future intentions
  • Energizing the future
  • Practical steps to use daily for release
  • Spotlight Intuitive Frequency Coaching

Week 4


  • ‘What Wants to be Created’ process
  • Shifting negative thought patterns
  • Identifying the origin of thoughts
  • Using feelings to create
  • Shifting your perspective
  • Being consistent with action
  • Spotlight Intuitive Frequency Coaching

Week 5


  • Building the support structure
  • Calling your energy back to you
  • Calling in support for new creations
  • Personalized energy rituals
  • Course correcting
  • Handling frequency gaps
  • Spotlight Intuitive Frequency Coaching


  • COACHING and SUPPORT with Shanna by group chat for 5 weeks.
  • This sacred circle will help amplify your intentions and move your life forward.
  • Shanna will answer your questions and coach you through fear and towards fulfillment.
  • You will be HELD in a HIGH VIBRATION and realign to new energy patterns.
  • Soulful connections will be created and you will deepen your awareness.
  • Shanna will guide you to access your Truth and begin to make choices that are in alignment.


Sessions will take place on Tuesday…

January 28th
February 4th
February 11th
February 18th
February 25th

5:30 pm PST — 7:30 pm CT — 8:30 pm EST

The Energy Upgrades Start Now

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the energy frequency conversation or you have years of study in it, there will be something for you in this intuitive experience program.  This is one of the questions we are going to answer in our sacred circle.

How do you receive life?

There are 6 statements below; all of them carry their own energetic frequency.   Where do you resonate when you have a new positive opportunity pop into your orbit?


  • You feel drawn to it and excited about it
  • You feel drawn to it and terrified about it
  • You feel curious about it and want to test the waters
  • You feel curious about it and yet, hesitant
  • You feel drawn to it and you are finding excuses why it won’t work
  • You feel drawn to it but you find a reason why you can’t have it (usually time or money)


It makes no difference how you enter into new energetic territory, from what frequency you find yourself saying YES. It only matters that you choose to receive the gifts trying to enter your orbit and live this life true to YOU.

For those that feel the call, together, we will rise!



Play Full Out Guarantee

Success requires commitment.  You must be ready and willing to invest in yourself, show up 100%, and do the work. Results happen when you play full out. The Soul Frequency Experience was created for those who want a solution and are willing to take action. For this reason, we offer NO refunds and there are NO exceptions. If you have ANY doubts about whether or not this experience is right for you, please contact us at and we will be happy to help! Or if you’re ready to receive the highest quality education plus on-going access and grow along with a wonderful community of your peers, then we are ready to support you, lift you up and cheer you on!