stephanie bellinger energy shifts and abundance

Engery Shifts + Abundance | Stephanie Bellinger

Ready to radically shift your reality? It takes inner work.

My guest today is Stephanie Bellinger, founder of Spiritual Boss Babe and creator of the Spiritual Boss Babe Podcast. She works with spiritual entrepreneurial women from all over the world. She’s creating more magic in their business and personal lives.

I invited Stephanie onto the show today to talk about energy shifts and abundance. She started a Facebook group for other spiritual women creating businesses – and there was a hunger for it! Her community has exploded to more than 30,000 women.

What’s the inner work you’re avoiding? …Even though you know it will bring you your best life? What’s stopping you from moving into that place of abundance?

Listen to this delicious conversation between Stephanie and me in this episode of the Soul Frequency Podcast to learn more.


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What you’ll discover in my conversation with Stephanie…

  • Mindset over matter – manifesting your best life!
  • Is there really a secret to success?
  • What are the most common blocks spiritual businesswomen face?
  • Dancing through fear and tackling self-doubt…
  • Activate abundance! Stop focusing on all your struggles!


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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo

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