End Human Trafficking | Randy Watson

Every day, people are forced into slavery—and it’s not just in developing countries.

Human trafficking happens in nearly every community around the world, and Randy Watson has made it his mission with Ally Global to support victims as they rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society.

In this episode, I wanted to take the opportunity to elevate the issue of human trafficking and to bring awareness to it. Randy shares about his work with Ally Global and how you can get involved. Click play to learn more.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

[00:00:49] Overview of today’s episode (plus details on the Soul Frequency Experience coming up!)
[00:04:17] Introducing Randy Watson, Executive Director and Founder of Ally Global
[00:05:17] Randy shares how he developed a passion for ending human trafficking
[00:08:00] His first taste of helping tragedy victims rebuild their lives…
[00:09:45] The different facets of anti-human trafficking work…
[00:12:35] How common is trafficking in our communities?
[00:14:15] How does human trafficking look different around the world?
[00:16:29] What does long-term aftercare for trafficking victims look like?
[00:20:30] Domestic versus international human trafficking…
[00:22:30] Where there is a demand, there will always be supply…
[00:25:00] What can we do to eradicate human trafficking?
[00:27:32] How can you support Ally Global?

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