Ego Death + Awakening | Sarah Rose

There’s a lot of uncertainty going around right now, and I know it can feel chaotic. But change doesn’t really happen without a little upheaval…

And I know it can be scary.

In this episode of the Soul Frequency Podcast, we’re talking about ego death and awakening – and the emotional ride that comes with it.

For Sarah, everything around her crumbled. Her six-year ‘bad luck’ streak touched everything. Her finances. Her health. Her engagement.

Finally, standing outside a bookstore, she asked the Universe, anything or anyone out there, “What is the next step for me to heal my life?” She went straight to the back of the bookstore and walked right up to a bright yellow book and picked it up.

But she resisted, made excuses for why she couldn’t read it right now and walked away.

Not long after, her Pilates instructor said, “Hey, you need to read this book.”

Can you guess which book it was?

Yep, the bright yellow book, which turned out to be You Can Heal Your Life.

Today, Sarah Rose is a spiritual transformation coach, energy healer, clairaudient channel, and inspirational speaker. She helps to awaken transformation in women, both professionally and personally, so they can realize their passions, purpose, and mission.

But there’s just so much more to Sarah’s amazing story, and I’ll let her tell you herself. 

What you’ll find inside this episode…

—Finding perfect peace during the perfect storm…
—Spirit speaks to us in weird ways, doesn’t it?
—When things aren’t going according to plan…
—What is ego death? How does it lead to awakening?
—Ask and you shall receive – but what are you asking for?
—Awakening = liberation!

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