Defying Age | Erin Nielsen

This conversation was so much fun!

We talk all about aging and, more importantly, how we can start defying age by doing great things to take care of our bodies. Wouldn’t it be cool to keep the life experience and wisdom yet turn the clock back at bit to have the things that seem to come naturally in the younger years – like great skin, a healthy fit body, and tons of energy?

This episode, I had the beautiful Erin Nielsen on the show to share her three pillar process for better health called the Youth Method. Erin is a physical therapist, health coach, and friend of mine that answered some important questions during our chat. She talks about exercising to turn on specific genes, discusses why lowering inflammation is important, and how our thoughts and mindset play a huge roll in our health. Plus, we had so much fun laughing, sharing, and connecting. It was a high vibe kind of conversation!

It is almost 2018 and we are taking things up a notch around here. First we are putting in place new healthy habits for a great year ahead.

Find out more about how we are using it and tune in next week for a new action item, more great information to raise your frequency, and of course, lots of laughs!

Find out more about Erin and grab a copy of Youth Method 10-minute meals on her website.

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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