Sessions: Dark Agendas

Eek. Dark agendas. With everything going on in the world, dark agendas have been coming up a lot.

I’ve been a bit wary to talk about dark agendas, only because the word “dark” can trigger a fear response in some of us. Though they can be scary, it’s important we learn how to transform our fears. So, if you’re a bit concerned going into this episode, just know you’re being guided and that your spirit team has brought you here for a reason. You are a spirit of light and you wouldn’t be attracted to The Soul Frequency if you weren’t. 

So where do dark agendas come from? 

Dark agendas and low frequencies have always existed. When looking back at human history, it is full of darkness. It just feels more prominent now, because we have progressed to wanting to live on a higher frequency. We no longer accept low frequency as a way of life, meaning that dark agendas feel larger. 

Just remember that to make room for higher frequencies, lower frequencies need to be purged. So, if you’re feeling more dark energy around you than usual, just know it is being cleansed from your body, to make room for more light.

If you’re interested in understanding more about dark agendas, and how you can combat them by spreading your own light, listen to the episode below. 

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:24) Introducing today’s episode.
(03:05) Having a balanced perspective when it comes to dark agendas.
(04:59) How these lower frequency emotions have always existed.
(08:03) How we’ve progressed to seeking higher frequencies.
(10:07) Purging the dark agendas.
(14:11) How you play an important role in spreading light. 

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