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Would you like to live life by design? Do you have a junk drawer? How about a closet or a garage you would rather others not see? For as far back as I can remember, my family has had a junk drawer. It was full of those random items no one knows what to do with, and yet we can’t bring ourselves to throw them away. It is the drawer that we shovel things into when guests are coming over. If you were to come over and happen to open it, you would close it immediately because it is impossible to find anything in there.

The truth is that whether it is a junk drawer, a dirty room, or a stuffed garage – these environments are affecting us in ways we may not be able to put our finger on, but we sense at a subconscious level. Our environment impacts our emotions, our decisions and how we feel about our lives.

For instance, we may not be able to concentrate in a messy office, so we end up sitting in the kitchen to do our work. We may choose not to spend time in our bedroom because it does not feel relaxing or we might feel like things are a little off at work because the environment is too stark.


In this episode, Diane Halfman, organizational expert, shares about the ways we are being affected by our environment, how to move beyond the shame we might feel if our environment is cluttered, how to take action without getting stuck in perfectionism, and how to live life by design.  As Diane shared her wisdom, I had some powerful realizations about the environment in my own life. So, get ready to have a few new sparks of awareness as you dive into understanding your environment in new ways!

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