Creating A Soulful Business By Amanda Shipe

Creating A Soulful Business | Amanda Shipe

Since I’ve grown my soulful business over the last years, many people have asked me how I did it.

My guest for today’s episode is Amanda Shipe. She created a soulful business for herself, too, and opened the Mind Your Body Oasis in the Washington, D.C. area. It’s part yoga studio, part wellness center, and she’s hired teachers from all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds of skills.


Amanda and I both came from more traditional careers before we moved into more fulfilling work. She graduated with a biology degree and was in pharmaceutical sales for a decade, and I was in real estate. Today, we both help people reverse chronic illness with food and nutrition, and we’ve both helped people to live optimally by recalibrating their relationship to food.

In this episode of the Soul Frequency Podcast, Amanda and I talk about our transitions into more healthy-minded helper careers—and how you can start stepping in that direction as well! I mean, if you want to create something, be around people who have already done it. That’s what has helped me!

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In This Podcast Episode…

  • Creating a business of purpose and spiritual fulfillment
  • Learning through growing from one person’s dream into a reality co-manifested with the dreams of others
  • How to serve well rather than serve everybody
  • How to get started on manifesting your own soulful business
  • Adding your unique touch to your marketable skills


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