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“What are your favorite podcasts?”A few years ago, this wasn’t a question that many people asked each other at the dinner table…

It’s pretty clear that creating a podcast has become an important way to share information in the modern world, and, well, it’s certainly become true for me (thank you, dear listeners)!

When I started my podcast in 2017, I decided to jump in and do it. I didn’t have much of a plan. I started interviewing others who have dedicated their lives to bringing the world into a higher vibration.

Thankfully, I did have a little bit of help along the way, but the same wasn’t true for Jessica Kupferman when she created She Podcasts in 2014.

Jessica realized that there were few resources for women in podcasting, so with the help of a friend, she put together a group… by female podcasters for female podcasters. What started as a little Facebook group has grown into a network of more than 12,000 women podcasters and a digital marketing reach of over 50,000 content creators. Wow!

Today, she helps other women monetize their podcast content, and she has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Yahoo! Finance. Jessica has also been invited to guest on other podcasts as well, including this episode of the Soul Frequency!

In this episode, Jessica and I talk all about podcasting, especially as it relates to the feminine voice. Jessica is genuine, funny, and down-to-earth—you’re going to love her. If you’ve ever wondered what we podcast creators worry about, or if you’ve been thinking about creating a podcast yourself, you’ll want to catch this episode.

Also, I’ll tell you about my very special June giveaway where you can win a 2-hour private training with me to raise your Soul Frequency, valued at over $1,000, where we’ll create a plan together for manifesting the life of your highest alignment.

In this podcast episode:

—Podcasting—a growing industry (especially for women)!
—How do you actually start a podcast? Jump in and try it. No, really!
—How Jessica grew a Facebook group for female podcasters into a network of 12,000 content creators
—How the She Podcasts network amplifies the female voice in podcasting
—Recalibration—physical adjustment to your new spiritual state!

Resources for you:

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—Join The Soul Frequency VIP Tribe on Facebook.

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As always, my hope for you is that you love big and live abundantly! xo



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