Consciousness by Mark Gober

Consciousness | Mark Gober

There are many people who simply want to see the science of consciousness, near death experiences and other paranormal activity before they will ever feel it is real.  Maybe you would love to see the science too because there is a great deal of it and it is fascinating.

Special Guest Mark Gober

Mark Gober is an author whose worldview was turned upside down. In late 2016 he learned of phenomena that threaten the prevailing view in science that consciousness comes from the brain. After researching extensively for nearly a year, he became convinced that a paradigm shift was in order. Biology does not produce consciousness; rather, consciousness produces biology.

Mark is a Partner at Sherpa Technology Group, a firm that advises businesses on mergers & acquisitions and strategy. He previously worked as an investment banking analyst in New York. Mark has been quoted for his opinions on business and technology matters in Bloomberg, Businessweek, and elsewhere. He has authored internationally published business articles. He graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University, where he was captain of the tennis team.

“I had a very bleak outlook on life, I was very nihilistic and thought life had no meaning, but that was actually rational given what I thought about the universe.  What I subscribed to, I now know, is something called materialism. The worldview of materialism is the mainstream view in science today.  It is teaching that we are finite beings, and life really doesn’t have meaning. I now think that life definitely does have meaning by the sheer fact that I now think consciousness does not come from the brain, but that consciousness is the basis for reality.”– Mark Gober


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Mark Gober shares the science behind consciousness, near death experiences and why he wrote his new book – An End to Upside Down Thinking!

Last episode, Dr. Veronica Anderson shared why you need a wellness team, the truth about investing in your health, and why energy work is an important part of your health!

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The Soul Frequency Show - Mark Gober

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