Changing Your Vibe With a Personal Stylist | Keri Blair

There are so many ways we can transform our lives, and personal style is one of those ways. People often think that caring for our appearance is shallow, but I think it’s an entryway into a new being. We know we can transform on the inside, and it reflects the outside, but we can also transform the outside to transform the inside. We take on different energies by what we wear, so this episode of The Soul Frequency is all about how to change your vibe with your personal style.

There is no one better to discuss this with than my wonderful guest, Keri Blair. Keri is the founder and CEO of the nationally recognized image consulting and personal style firm, The Style Studio. Her extensive experience in the fashion industry has made her a coveted personal stylist to executives and high-profile clients for over 20 years.

In this conversation, we discuss all the ways fashion and style can reflect your vibration. We hear all about Keri’s work, such as why people resist, what having a stylist looks like, and even how you can do it at home. We then finish by chatting through some fashion fads and how you can get involved with Keri.

Thank you for listening. I hope you find something useful in today’s episode. I’ll see you next week!

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:46) Introducing today’s episode.
(03:29) Introducing today’s guest, Keri Blair.
(04:33) The inspiration behind Keri’s work.
(08:49) How fashion can heighten your vibration.
(14:37) Why people seek a stylist.
(17:38) Breaking intergenerational patterns.
(20:58) The common resistances to reinvention.
(27:42) What happens after working with Keri.
(31:06) Finding your signature.
(36:02) Does your wardrobe express who you are today?
(37:35) Color.
(41:08) Keri’s favorite style tips.
(46:58) Your Curated Style, course.
(51:52) Where you can find Keri.

More resources for your high-vibe life…

— Visit Keri’s website to see her courses/work:
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