Big Kid Problems | Sarah Merrill Hall

Laughter is so healing and so important when on this intense journey here on Earth. So, I wanted to have the wonderful Sarah Merrill Hall on this week’s episode of The Soul Frequency, as she has an incredibly unique gift for finding humor in all stages of life.

Through her Instagram and podcast, Big Kid Problems, and now her new podcast, Bid Kid Problems: Bottle Service, Sarah brings humor and relatable content to everyday struggles. Her mission is to help her 1.5 million followers embrace their imperfections, laugh through the hard times, and live their best kid lives.

In this conversation, we talk all about finding humor and honesty in life’s events. We discuss the importance of paving our own way in life and how auditing our lives can help us prioritize and discover what lights us up inside. We then deep dive into parenthood and the challenges along the way.

It’s important to laugh through and enjoy all stages of life, so I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of The Soul Frequency. See you next time.

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:47) Finding humor in our time on Earth.
(02:00) Introducing today’s guest, Sarah Merrill Hall.
(05:10) Why Sarah started her account.
(08:58) Finding humor and honesty in life events.
(13:50) Perspective when looking back.
(16:29) Paving our own ways.
(21:32) What lights you up inside.
(27:56) Life audit.
(29:43) Bottle Service.
(32:58) Post-Partum.
(38:20) A child’s early years.
(41:19) Enjoying the phases of life.

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