Becoming Limitless | Jordan Ray

Jordan has had a lot of obstacles as she works on becoming limitless.

Her mother battled breast cancer.

A year later, Jordan blacked out on the softball field, and in that moment, she lost both her health and her favorite sport, which had been her whole life for many years.

Jordan Ray was diagnosed at age 17 with Chiari malformation, a condition present from birth in which the brain tissue. Three months later, she had brain surgery.

Through her health challenges, she’s found a lot of strength. Today, she’s the Founder and CEO of Limitless Medical Logs, which provides doctor-recommended diaries for patients battling serious health conditions (like herself) to track their pain and symptoms daily.

And get this… she’s only 21 years old.

Although she’s not ‘cured,’ Jordan has redirected her goal-accomplishing, becoming limitless mindset towards helping other people with chronic disease take control and become an active participant in managing their conditions.

Jordan has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazine covers, speaking events, and podcast interviews, and Wellington, Florida has named her the Hometown Hero. She’s also writing her first book!

Check out this episode of The Soul Frequency podcast to hear Jordan’s incredible story of pain, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles.

In this podcast episode:

—From serious health problems at 17 to creating a company at 20
—Finding strength through loss and challenges
—Can crying be a sign of strength?
—Wading through the wake of brain surgery

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