debi silber

Trust Again | Dr. Debi Silber

When a loved one breaks our trust, the trauma on our self-esteem can prevent us from moving forward with an open heart. Of course, you don’t need me to tell you that—everyone has had their heart broken… But betrayal never visits alone. With it come shame, and...

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karma releasing shanna lee

Sessions: Karma Releasing

Today I want to talk about Karma Releasing - Super important topic. The next months we are traveling through a lot of intense changes. There is a lot of opportunity in this time. It is a secret time! You can still send in your $1000 question...

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5 things i learned from shadow work

5 Things I Learned From Doing Shadow Work

”One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.- Carl Jung   So, what is shadow work? The shadow is a collective term, first used by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, to describe everything within ourselves that we have disowned or suppressed. This...

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activating your DNA

Sessions: Activating Your DNA

Today we want to talk about how to 'Activating your DNA'. This topic is really something that could be hours long, but we will try to condense it down and just to start this conversation. This is really important since we are living in a...

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half year review

Half Year Review: Lessons I’ve Learned So Far in 2020

2020 has definitely been a special year. A year of growth and collective healing. It’s been a great time to really learning lessons and expanding our individual consciousness if we’ve been taking advantage of the opportunities that have presented themselves. Some very valuable lessons have really...

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Engery Upgrades part I

Energy Upgrades Part I | Shanna Lee

Have you checked in on your reality bubble lately? What does it look like? That bubble is everything that comes into your energy field—and your perception of it. Most people tend to stay within the same bubble they were given for the entirety of their lives, never...

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