Frequencyhacking 101

FrequencyHacking 101

While we are adept at biohacking, which is the process of using science-based concepts to take control of your entire health and wellbeing, frequencyhacking is a newly created lesser known and lesser practiced concept. Frequencyhacking relates to the energy your body is exposed to as...

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healthy pumpkin cheesecake

Healthy Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

A pumpkin cheesecake recipe that’s healthy? Stop the presses! Sounds impossible, right? The first time I heard the words “healthy pumpkin cheesecake,” I said “sign me up”!  We all know that cheesecake is a very calorie-rich dessert full of dairy, sugar, and fat; a dish...

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What Is The Soul Frequency?

What is the Soul Frequency?

Uncovering your unique soul frequency is your personal pathway towards a fulfilling life of abundance. So, what is the soul frequency? Well, we have to begin with the understanding that everything is energy, and all energy vibrates at a different frequency. Each person’s energy frequency...

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What Is Minimalism?

What is Minimalism?

So, what is the minimalist lifestyle? Minimalism has become a mainstream practice, but have you thought about what minimalism really means? With so many different individuals promoting the umbrella term ‘minimalism’ as the best way to proceed through life, what does it actually mean and...

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