apple spice smoothie

Apple Spice Smoothie Recipe

The best thing about feeding your body well is discovering all the amazing things to indulge in, such as this Apple Spice Smoothie. It will satisfy all those festive cravings without the guilt or let’s be honest here, the sickness that hits moments after drinking...

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Behind The Scenes by Shanna Lee

Behind The Scenes | Shanna Lee

Behind the Scenes is an opportunity to pull back the curtain and be right in the middle of an Intuitive Frequency Coaching Session with one of my amazing clients. We did our first Behind the Scenes episode last September and got lots of love for the...

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potato salad recipe

Best Ever “Potato” Salad Recipe

Everyone loves potato salad! What would a gathering be without everyone’s favorite potato salad? Thankfully, if you’re on a journey towards healthy living, or you simply want to do away with the heavy sensation a traditional potato salad can give a short while after eating...

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