Sessions: Freedom

Some people believe that freedom is something we must earn, others think freedom is reserved for select few. In this podcast we are talking about… Why we are afraid to create a vision How to know if the vision will make you happy The Vision Framework ...

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what is wisdom

What is Wisdom?

What is wisdom? What comes to your mind when you hear the word “wisdom”? Do you have that one role model in your life that you think is really wise and represents wisdom for you? Is it your Parents? Grandparents? Or a spiritual leader? I’m...

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Leadership Design Podcast

Leadership Design | Erin Claire Jones

This isn’t your mother’s episode on leadership. You’re a leader, whether you realize it or not. But are you ready to step into it? We don’t need to look to the outside to become a one—true leadership is an expression from within that inspires, connects, and...

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what is a cleanse

What Is A Cleanse?

So, what is a cleanse? You may have heard of this from the many popular diet options that have taken center stage these days. Although there are different types of cleanses depending on a specific goal, the major objective of a cleanse is to remove...

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hangry by dr brooke kalanick

Hangry | Dr Brooke Kalanick

Have you had a hangry moment? You know, like when you skipped breakfast and snapped at your partner over something small? We’ve all been there, and since we’re heading into the holiday season—full of potential for food and drama—I thought I would dedicate an episode of...

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Becoming the Expert

Sessions: Becoming the Expert

There are so many people that need to learn about becoming the expert in their life, and how to embody the feeling of being that expert. In this podcast we are talking about… How to get ready for action in 2020 Becoming the expert in your...

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Frequency of Love

The Frequency Of Love

We’re talking about the frequency of LOVE today! The big L-O-V-E! Oh, was that a typo? No, I really mean LOVE with the big, capital letters because this is a different kind of affection compared to the regular kinds of love we experience on a...

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