A higher perspective

A Higher Perspective | Shanna Lee

Does it feel like the world is spinning?  Like a virus has taken over your daily life.  In light of many current events, we are being called to a higher perspective. In this episode, I offer some new perspectives on this important time in history. I...

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Enneagram and Coffee | Sarajane Case

Enneagram and Coffee - I’ve listened to your requests! Today, I’ve got an incredible guest on the show, and we’re talking all about THE ENNEAGRAM. And if you haven’t heard of the enneagram, don’t worry—you’re in for a treat. I’ll give you a little hint—the enneagram is...

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Biofield tuning with eileen mckusick

Biofield Tuning | Eileen McKusick

Inventor, pioneer, researcher, teacher—my guest on this episode has devoted her life to the study of the human biofield and the healing effects of vibrational sound. At 18 years old, Eileen McKusick found her mind and spirit dangerously divided… She grappled with bulimia and craved a different...

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