A higher perspective

A Higher Perspective | Shanna Lee

Does it feel like the world is spinning?  Like a virus has taken over your daily life.  In light of many current events, we are being called to a higher perspective.

In this episode, I offer some new perspectives on this important time in history. I share one of the most insightful lessons I learned about transformation and how we are being asked to reevaluate life in some beautiful and necessary ways.

Words that are important now are love, reflection, stillness, and sacred contemplation.

Transformation begins with a pain. Be it physical, mental or emotional and that pain serves an important purpose…to wake us up!  During these times we all need SOMETHING to connect with that provides clarity.

This episode of The Soul Frequency Experience is about grander vistas, discovering what is truly important, and building a life around it.

I invite you to listen to this episode with an open mind and heart. Take in the spaces in between the words and allow it to land.  We are in exciting times of progress!

And don’t forget—you are safe, loved and held in the highest light.


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What you’ll find inside this episode…

  • The message that mother earth is share with us at this time in history…
  • One major and vital lesson I learned through my own transformation.
  • What does the Age of Aquarius have to do with current events?
  • Experience a beneficial higher perspective and expand what is possible in your life…


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